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Facilitated Conversations: Life transition support for individuals

As we go through each day, we may find ourselves feeling  a certain way because a life transition either planned or unplanned is forcing us to make changes to our existing life.

A major life transition such as the birth of a child, re-locating to a new city, divorce or death of a family member can transport us to a new space and take us in a direction that we have not walked before. The new reality we find ourselves in may require us to change in some way and the fact that it cannot be avoided may cause us to become restless and uneasy. We may endure intense feelings of fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

At En-Courage I recognize that people naturally use conversation to make sense of a situation. Using the technique of facilitated  conversation, I will help you create the context, meaning and structure you need to bring insight to your situation and help you to move through it.

Each of us has the courage within to take steps towards making positive changes in our lives . I am here to listen and support you in a safe, caring environment as you share your story without apology.

What is facilitated conversation?

Facilitated conversation is a guided conversation technique based on a questioning method. It helps people process information and reach their own thoughtful conclusions. Facilitated conversation involves discussing and answering a series of questions based on four levels of thinking:

Objective questions: dealing with data and sensory observation
Reflective questions: related to personal reactions and associations
Interpretive questions: about meaning, significance and implications
Decisional questions: concerned with resolution.


Session information:
 1 hour/$65
#sessions required: tbd

To obtain a free 15 minute consultation, please call 403-660-5636, or email

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