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Visioning for Congregations

Is your congregation or community group faced with a difficult challenge? Do you know what you are trying to accomplish and what obstacles are preventing you from accomplishing it? What steps do you need to take?

If your situation calls for a professional reconstruction, I can assist you in exploring complex subjects through facilitation that includes narrative, focus groups, and written exercises that can help:

    • organize the problem
    • approach it in gradual steps
    • promote a thorough airing of issues
    • synthesize new perspectives, and help you to
    • make sound judgments.

Speciality areas include:

    • Creativity and innovation in Worship, Mission, Ministry and being Community
    • Strategic Visioning and dreaming
    • Visioning direction based upon gifts, strengths and weaknesses
    • Gifts assessment and inventory
    • Mission and Vision opportunities
    • Small Groups.


St. Vincent and St. Kitts

Conducting leadership workshops for women in the parishes of St. Vincent and St. Kitts in the Winward Islands

Professional Development for Corporations

As leaders we know that caring for our employees is, not only the right thing to do but will benefit them and our company. In today’s climate the phrase “change management” is constantly being passed around. It is true that we are facing constant changes in the way we do business. It is good to prepare our employees to cope with anticipated change. Change has always been a fact of life and nowhere is it more obvious than in our personal lives. Major change in our personal lives can cause incredible stress and it only stands to reason that it will affect productivity in our working lives. According to Statistics Canada, stress related absenteeism has increased 300% since 1995. That translates to billions of dollars in lost revenue.

I propose that if in our personal lives we are better able to understand change and the resulting transition that comes from change, that knowledge will empower us to manage change in the workplace.
I invite you and your employees in joining me in exploring personal transition and its implications for our lives. I will introduce you to 6 elements of transition and provide you with the opportunity to apply these elements to your own story. In sharing our stories we will learn more about ourselves, each other and the concept of transition. Knowledge is power. You will end the day with tools for coping with change, the confidence that knowledge brings and a developed sense of community among co-workers.

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