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Whatever the source of your awareness –
En-Courage helps you explore it

En-Courage offers a variety of consultative services to clients who are ready to approach challenges, good or bad, or life transitions in a new way. Services include consultation and facilitation for individuals provided in a one-to-one format, and for groups through workshops and retreats. Speciality areas include visioning for congregations and professional development for corporations.

As a Christian professional, En-Courage director Elizabeth Short is receptive to conversations of individual faith, spirituality and belief systems when initiated by the client in the pre-booking stage. Workshops and retreats can also be customized to meet the individual needs of the client or group and incorporate a faith-based perspective.

In Person Consultations

Clients can freely share their individual stories in person in the safe, comfortable and confidential environment of the Family Centre located beside All Saints Anglican Church in downtown Cochrane, or at a mutually agreed-upon location.

Online Consultations

Access your consultation via video, using FaceTime for Mac, or Skype. Both Skype and FaceTime consultations are confidential services. Using video will allow us to see each other and talk in real time, similar to being in the same room.
consultation session lasts 50 minutes. It allows you to meet your consultation needs from the comfort and privacy of your own home or a location of your choice.

FaceTime for Mac – what’s required
– Mac or iPad and FaceTime App

Skype – what’s required
– free Skype software and account via Mac, PC , lap top or iPad, webcam and microphone if not already included in the device.

Phone Consultations

Phone consultations allows you to access me from a private location of your choice either via mobile or a landline.

A phone consultation allows you to choose a purely audio way of communication to meet your specific needs in comfort. Each phone consultation session lasts 50 minutes.

It is hoped that you will prioritise a call arrangement that suits your needs and does not incur a charge for you, or the minimum charge possible. I can talk you through these options.

Phone – what’s required
– uninterrupted phone signal if using a mobile.



Using the technique of guided conversations…


Grief Support, Buen Camino and Navigating the Journey of Transition…


Lenten Retreat utilizing a faith-based perspective…


Visioning for congregations and professional development for corporations…

Online conversation methods