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Why En-Courage?

Elizabeth’s Master’s thesis, “A Woman’s Passage: Negotiating an Extraordinary Transition in Mid-Life”, explored the emotional and physical effects of unexpected change in the lives of four women who shared their experiences in a group setting using a narrative, facilitated conversation approach. Through the process, participants moved down a continuum of openness, sharing their stories of unplanned and unwanted change, laying their anxieties, grief, anger and confusion as well as blessings received and good decisions made on the table for all to see.

The word “courage” comes from the Old French corage (heart and spirit). What this implies is that courage is something that comes from within. Sandra Ford Walston, who wrote, Courage: The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman says, “During many years of investigating courage, I found that, more than any other human virtue, courage walks hand in hand with vulnerability, responsibility to one’s self, truthfulness, respect, faith, and love…While courage often seems an innate virtue, we still must learn to cultivate and nurture it.”

En-Courage was created from the desire for community and connection when faced with challenging times and life transition. It is my desire to give people the courage to examine their stories and live their lives with confidence.

Elizabeth Short, director